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**Our Summer Free Radon Test Promotion has now ended as of 9-1-16. Please check back for updated Radon Testing Promotions and Specials. CALL NOW TO SCHEDULE YOUR FREE RADON TEST AS TIME SLOTS FILL QUICKLY Radon is a natural, tasteless, odorless, colorless, radioactive gas produced from the decay of uranium found in nearly all soils.

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Are you thinking about building a new home in the the Greater Madison area. Are you currently in the middle of the New Construction process? We’re finding issues with Passive Radon Mitigation System piping in many new homes. Have you hear the term “Passive Radon Mitigation System”? Here’s our definition at Radon Solutions of Wisconsin… Passive

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The team at Radon Solutions of Wisconsin would like to say GO BUCKY! The Wisconsin Badger Men’s Basketball team made an amazing late run Saturday to overcome the nations overall number one seed in Villanova at the 2017 NCAA tourney. Keep up the hard work gentleman, that was extremely fun to watch! Radon Solutions of Wisconsin (608) 279-7853 Madison’s

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Radon Gas is extremely dangerous for humans and just as dangerous for our family pets. Did you know Radon Gas exposure can actually be even more deadly for cats & dogs? It’s true! The reason is actually very simple, our pets are normally in our Madison area homes throughout the day and night in comparison to their

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Radon Solutions of Wisconsin are now certified to test and install Radon Mitigation Systems in Multi-Unit properties throughout Madison and all of Wisconsin. Newly-established HUD guidelines recommend testing all units in a multifamily building to ensure that no resident is exposed to hazardous radon levels. If you are applying for HUD-backed financing or refinancing for

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Are you certain your current Radon Reduction System is working the way it’s suppose to? If not, don’t wait to have your home tested. Radon mitigation is the process used to reduce radon gas concentrations in the breathing zone of an occupied home or business in the Madison area. The EPA protocols require each mitigation system

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